Based on the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI) in 2018, Indonesia only scored 21% of entrepreneurs from various fields of work, or ranked 94th out of 137 countries surveyed. Meanwhile, according to research from the IDN Research Institute in 2019, 69.1% of millennials in Indonesia are interested in entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, the entrepreneurial potential for the millennial generation has not been well managed so far.


The objectives of the Entrepreneurshipprogram include:

  1. Provide students who have an interest in entrepreneurship to develop their business early and be guided.
  2. Dealing with unemployment problems that result in intellectual unemployment from scholars.


  • With the approval of the Guardian Lecturer, students register to participate in the entrepreneurial activity program.
  • With the guidance of the incubation center or entrepreneurship supervisor/mentor, students prepare proposals for entrepreneurial activities.
  • Carry out entrepreneurial activities under the guidance of a supervisor or entrepreneurial mentor.
  • Deliver the results of entrepreneurial activities and submit reports in the form of presentations.

Ongoing Activities

Number Program Owner Activity Name Activities Duration Number of Credit Conversions
1 Directorate of Bandung Techno Park (BTP) Wrap Entrepreneurship 1 semester 9