Program Membangun Desa / Kuliah Kerja Nyata Tematik (KKNT) ; Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka is a form of education by providing learning experiences for students to live in the community outside the campus, which directly and together with the community identify potentials and deal with problems so that they are expected to be able to develop village/regional potential and formulate solutions to problems that exist in the village. . Kegiatan Membangun Desa / KKNT are expected to hone partnership soft skills, cross-disciplinary / scientific team collaboration (cross competencies), and student leadership in managing development programs in rural areas. It is also hoped that after the KKNT implementation, students can write down the things they have done and the results in the form of a final project.


  1. Student attendance for 6-12 months can provide opportunities for students to utilize their knowledge, technology, and skills in collaboration with many stakeholders in the field.
  2. Assist in accelerating development in rural areas together with the Ministry of Villages PDTT.


  • Students are required to live (live in) at a predetermined location.
  • If in the process of implementing student competencies, they do not meet the equivalent of 20 credits, then students can take MK online or otherwise in accordance with university regulations.
  • The process and results of activities are written and reported to the College.
  • The results of the activity can be equivalent to a thesis or final project according to the provisions of the university.

Ongoing Activities

Number Program Owner Activity Name Activities Duration Number of Credit Conversions
1 Directorate of CAE Innovillage – KNN Tematik 3 Month 2 SKS