Program Penelitian / Riset Merdeka Belajar – Kampus Merdeka intended for students who have a passion to become researchers and are realized in the form of research activities at Research Institutes / Study Centers.

Bagi mahasiswa yang memiliki passion being a researcher, being free to learn can be an opportunity for students to do internships at the Central Research Laboratory. Through research, students can build critical thinking so that students can deepen, understand, and be able to do research methods better.


The objectives of Research program include:

  1. The quality of student research is expected to be improved. In addition, student experience in large research projects will strengthen the research talent pool topically.
  2. Students gain research competence through direct supervision by researchers at the study center research institute.
  3. Improving the ecosystem and research quality in Indonesian laboratories and research institutions by providing research resources and regeneration of researchers from an early age.


  1. With the approval of the Academic Advisor, students register for the Research program.
  2. Carry out research activities in accordance with the direction of the Research Institute / Study Center where the research is carried out.
  3. Fill out the logbook according to the activities performed.
  4. Compile activity reports and submit reports in the form of research reports / theses or scientific publications.

Ongoing Activities

Number Program Owner Activity Name Activities Duration Number of Credit Conversions
1 Human Centric Engineering (HUMIC) Research Center WRAP Researchship 1 semester 9