Certified Internship and Independent Studies 3 2022 ( until 31 July 2022)

Certified Internship and Independent Studies 3 2022 ( until 31 July 2022)

Certified Internships and Independent Studies are part ofthe Merdeka Campus Program the Merdeka Campus Program which provides opportunities for students to learn and develop themselves through activities outside of class lectures. Certified Internships provide work experience in the industry/professional world with hands-on learning at the internship partner’s workplace. Meanwhile, Certified Independent Studies are intended for students who want to equip themselves by mastering specific and practical competencies that are also sought after by the industrial world.

Terms and Conditions

The following are the qualifications to take part in the MSIB Program 3 in 2022:

  1. Active student at Telkom University and will not graduate until the end of the MSIB 3 period,
  2. S1/D4 at least semester 5, D3 at least semester 5,
  3. Obtain approval from the Head of Study Program,
  4. Willing and Commitment to participate in Internship and Independent Study activities according to the specified time,
  5. Students have never or have only participated in MBKM activities 1 (one) time
  6. If the student has “Registered”/”Active” status (already passed and accepted the Partner’s offer), then the student cannot resign.

Additional: other special requirements can be found on the specific details page of each activity

Document Requirements

The documents that must be completed are:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  2. The latest Study Results Card (KHS),
  3. Letter of Recommendation with the signature of the Head of Study Program (bit.ly/SR_MSIBtelu)*, submitted through the Faculty’s LAA
  4. Statement of Absolute Responsibility (SPTJM)(bit.ly/SPTJM_MSIBtelu)*, submission via (bit.ly/pengajuanSPTJM_BPULPS)
  5. Organizational experience certificate (optional).

*email Telkom University

The following is the SPTJM Submission Flow

Registration Flow

Before registering, make sure the student is registered as an active student at PDDikti by checking the link https://nisn.data.kemdikbud.go.id/. Registration to take part in this activity is only done through the official website of Merdeka Campus. For the steps as follows:

  1. Students register on the kampusmerdeka.kemdikbud.go.id/program by choosing the Merdeka Campus program: Internship or Independent Study. (The guide: bit.ly/DaftarprogramMSIBtelu),
  2. Consultation with the Guardian Lecturer and the Head of Study Program and Submit a Letter of Recommendation and SPTJM that have been filled/completed,
  3. Choose a Partner/Company and register,
  4. Announcements are received by Partners and take part in the Diversity Survey.

Activity timeline

The student registration process is currently underway. Here’s more process information:

20 June – 17 July 2022

Student Registration: Students register for programs of interest through the Merdeka Campus platform.

24 July 2022:

Student Selection Announcement: Partners announce the selection results to students.

22 – 25 July 2022:

Diversity Survey Simulation: Students take part in the Diversity Survey simulation

26 – 27 July 2022:

Implementation of the Diversity Survey: Students take the Diversity Survey (Mandatory)

August 1, 2022 – finished:

Program Implementation: The Internship and Independent Study Program has begun.

MSIB 3 Socialization

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